Twenty Little Steps: “To Love's Spirit”

You are as bright as the stars in the blackest night.

I swam through 5 clouds, just to see your light.

Your scent is alluring, it reeks of fresh cut grass.

That was my warning.


I should have strayed,

but the wind caressed my skin in the smoothest of ways

the feeling of falling through the sky was too awakening for me to run from you.

I heard the grass screaming for help, but I just inhaled its pleading perfume.


On the lacrosse fields

I was introduced to you.

And now you haunt me

you stalk me

as if I’m living a Nightmare.

Now I see the darkest corners of your light

that feeling of falling that enlivened my soul now scares me

and I’m all cut up from the wind.


You keep me as calm as first time parents

and newlyweds,


You kidnapped me

and smothered drops of your breath into me

that I can’t get out.

So when I breathe I taste your breath.


In my head and heart I thought or imagined you to be true…

I always told truths.

Bits and pieces heard and echoed through my core:


“I love you….I’ve missed talking to you.”


The taste of your kiss always starts sweet but turns bitter,


I’m over lips. 



I try to tell myself “it’s fine, you are free.”


One day this ghostly presence will leave

the drops of breath will evaporate,

And you will have escaped with a secret:


In the boxing rings of our subconscious,


Love is our opponent.


“Carpe Diem” says the wind to the heart.

But wasn’t it falling through the wind that scarred me at the start?


I'm trying to hide in plain sight, but love is like light. 

And as much as I fight, 

my heart still feels broken over you.

Amanda EdwardsComment