You must know yourself a Queen


For you have the power to cease nations from existence,

you are the mothers of this county

in all your glory you must know yourself a queen.


"I don't know what I can’t see."


All I see is back handedness

they love my body but they bruise me

talk bad bout black skin like I can’t hear them,

so I walk around with this mean mug as my crown


I do not apologize for my curves

nor the clothes that hug them

I am not here for your approval


You tried to trick my mind,

but I grew past that.

You tried to separate our kind

and almost had me,


but light skin is beautiful, and

black skin is beautiful, and

whatever you do with your hair is unique,

and that's beautiful.


Now they trying to steal our swag and

our features that they deemed un-beautiful.


Like I didn’t raise up your children with

love and kindness until you took them back from me,


we are the mothers of this nation

do not silence our names

do not make us out to be angry

do not steal my love and trick me.


You love to dehumanize and degrade me,

but you love how I fight for you, for us, for our people.

Do not take my dreams and goals for granted


I am not here

to be mommy and mammy.

You say I am a queen but you treat me like your peasant,

like America's ugly daughter.


But I am a queen and

 I wear this mean mug down the street as my crown.

Do not tell me to smile.


You must learn yourself a queen so that it becomes fact,

and take your crown and never let anyone take it back.

You must know yourself a queen.


I wear this mean mug as my crown.

Amanda EdwardsComment