Black be strong Like

Black be strong like


whips that crack in the wind

breaking flesh

drip drip that blood




is the color of tears our skin shed,

water pours from the windows to our souls,

dreams too heavy to stand up straight

spirits too full of faith,


big dipper I see you at night.

Regardless of the light your stars shine bright like ancestors

whisper through my veins

pounding heart beats in my bloodstream

hearts that beat like me



black skin.

Rough hair.

Self hatred vs the world's hatred,


where do you fit in ?

Sidewalk grave sites,

or area codes with white faces and bank accounts that don't show no love

to their main consumer,

their idolizers.


Black be strong like

role models,

and role models who don't wanna be role models

and baby angels too young to understand their own faith

staring in God's face like I thought I just left this place.


Black like firsts trying not to be only's, 

like beat down from struggle turned hopeless.

No opportunities exist for me.

Dope boy need money, I make my own way.


Black like gaangbanging and protests.


Black be strong like oceans and sand

black be strong like the moon

black be strong like the definition of survival meets resilience,


Black be strong enough to wake up wide eyed each day to be part of some change.


Black be strong like prayers,

last breaths, hot salt water tears,

and tied hands on bruised knees.


Black be strong like,

being in love with melanin,

knowing all the hate your flesh is burning in.

Amanda EdwardsComment