What does freedom feel like, 

when your body is not your safe space ?


When your skins too tight 

and it burns like fire 

praying pores 


into poultry 

become hot blankets 

containing your tension.


Black consciousness breeds black rage.


You make an animal out of me. 


What does it mean when your body is not your safe space ? 

When you bleed the DNA of black dichotomies,

born into a world that gives you the weight 

with no education on how to escape.


I got suitcases and suitcases of trauma's 

I got that black man, black woman's fear  

I got that how we the only ones not aloud to fear. 


I mean, where is your space to feel safe ?


If strong prayers breed silent lips 

and hurricane thoughts 

are accompanied by hymnals of 

"God is Trying to Tell you Somethin",

then what is black mental health ? 


Where do you go when your body becomes a battlefield ?


Where is your safe space ? 

Amanda EdwardsComment