Living Vs. Survival

I saw a post today that said "its ok if all you did today was survive". 


Before I begin let me just say that it's not that I disagree with this statement at all. For some people all they can do is survive, and that in itself is problematic because human beings are not meant to just survive. However, do to circumstances, such as institutionalized racism, prison industrial complex, housing discrimination, etc. it is completely understandable how there are large quantities of African Americans who may feel they are just surviving rather than living.


While surviving is necessary in order to live, black Americans should not feel as if in 2016 they are still settling and working to only survive.  We should be afforded the opportunities needed to strive for our goals to become reality in order to feel like we are truly living our lives.


Those of our ancestors who made it to America did not survive slavery for us to be simply surviving under a new systematic form of oppression. The black family structure did not survive being ripped apart to undergo being ripped apart again. People did not fight against redlining imagining that housing discrimination and gentrification would rise to once again destroy our communities. People did not fight in the streets for integration thinking we would still have less. The idea that we were integrating into a burning bush has proven true, but we must continue to fight the flames.


Our voice and our lives matter. Our history matters and knowledge is the upmost form of power. The idea that our beautiful melanin no matter how light or how dark deems us to be worthless is not true. Knowledge of one’s self-worth is everything. You must know the power and beauty in yourself to see it in our brothers and sisters. The devices used to separate us and destroy our families are not new. 


Our dollar’s matter and we must begin and continue to pour ourselves into our own people. Because trying to fit into a system that was built on our ancestor’s backs is not working. We are not 3/5 of a person we are full human beings and we deserve to live. 

Amanda EdwardsComment